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Windows are exposed to the elements all year around, they can develop a thick film of dust, dirt and grease. What’s more is that they are visible from both in and outside the home or office. This means that they deserve special attention, usually inside cleaned yearly and outside twice a year (perfect idea for pre-sale to give your property the shine to help the sale)

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Traditional squeegee cleaning or “Window fanning as it’s known, is the best cleaning method for streak free window cleaning. Fanning starts with a quality squeegee with a good squeegee blade. A good fan technique leaves the glass brand new. Read more

With the use of our water-fed extension cleaning poles  for 2 and 3 level properties we are able to get near perfect windows without the expense of having to hire cherry pickers or elevation equipment.

At See-Through Property Services, we convert dusty and translucent windows to clean and clear windows!


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