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Window Squeegee Cleaning – The traditional way

The popular jargon among professionals for window squeegee cleaning is “window fanning“, bacause of the fan movement. Squeegee is the main tool of window fanning. The window cleaning squeegee has come a long way since Ettore Steccone invented it in 1936. It is still the best way to clean windows. Although there were slight modifications like swivel handle from Wagtail and ergonomic handle from Unger the main structure has not been changed. There are three main sections in a squeegee.

01 Squeegee rubber/blade

Most important part of the squeegee is rubber. Depend of the manufacturer there are two kinds called soft rubber and hard rubber to use in different weather conditions. For best results on glass the sharpness of the rubber should maintained and if damaged should changed to a new one. A good rubber does not leave squeegee marks or smear mark on windows.

02 Squeegee channel

Squeegee channel is the holder of the rubber blade. A quality channel gives operator easy access when changing rubbers. Caution must be taken not to bend the channel when work and stored.

03 Squeegee handle

Handle is the holder of channel. There are two kinds of handle. One is the swivel and other is the non swivel. Quality of the handle is very depending on individual needs.



Large size squeegee
Small size squeegee

Different tool sizes for different sizes of windows

A professional window cleaning operator has many different sizes of squeegees and applicators to suit various sizes of windows. Right size is very important and can ruin our day without them.

*French windows (colonial windows)

Cleaning French windows is window cleaner’s one of nightmares! Because they have to squeegee down and detail every single piece of glass in the panel. So don’t get upset if you had a big bill or quotation for your French windows.

Without much smaller tools its impossible to get French windows cleaned.

Different glass types

There are various types of glass today. All of them have their own friction rates. We use different squeegee blades and special lubricants to avoid muscle strains caused by glass friction.

window cleaning with cherry picker



Window scrapping

Special window scrapping tool is a very useful partner for squeegee cleaning. It can be used to carefully scrape off any unwanted stubborn material from the glass.

Window scraper

Window detailing

Once squeegee cleaned the glass it’s a must to detail the window with cleaned rags/clothes.

Window detailing clothes


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