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SEE-THROUGH tile & grout cleaning service – Melbourne

Whether it’s a buildup of dirt on your indoor or outdoor tile & grout areas, steam pressure cleaning is a fast and effective way to bring back  that brand new look to your property. Once clean, choosing to have a penetrating sealer applied will extend the life of your tile & grout surface and keep it looking great for years to come. See-Through is one of the best tile cleaning services in Melbourne. Watch more tile cleaning and other deep steam cleaning job that we done over the past.

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Our specialists know how to get the best result by controlling the pressure, heat & right chemical to get the best out of any tile surface, indoor or outdoor.  If you’re looking for a revamp the interior or exterior of your property, then look no further, See-Through Property Services is your enhancement expert in Melbourne.

There are five tasks that all tile cleaning companies should master. Unfortunately todays regular tiles cleaner don’t know or don’t pay attention on them. The five tasks in professional tile cleaning are, chemical power, agitation, pressure, heat & suction power. Best results only achieved by balancing these five tasks. The tile technician knows the amount of force should apply in each of every of tile cleaning tasks.

Five components of professional tile cleaning

01 Chemical Power

It’s better to identify what is the kind of soilage build up before go ahead and select the chemical. There are list of soil build up can occur on the tile and grouts. Grease, grime, water and oil based stains, sault, cement residual, previous sealer residual, factory sealer residual are just to name few. There’s a common saying among  professional tile cleaners, “there’s a chemical solution for every soil”. At See-Through Property Services we have mastered our chemical knowledge over last 12 years period and continue to learn about new products.

02 Agitation

Most tile cleaners think it’s ready to steam clean once chemical application. By manually or mechanically agitating they can lift up chemical solutions full potential. The best thing is they’ll be able to bring the pressure down of the machine when steam cleaning process. Because high pressure have high chance of grout damage.

03 Pressure

Pressure is one of the main components in tile restoration. It measured psi or bar. The tile cleaning person must have a clear knowledge of which pressure used on different tile cleaning situations. Sometimes high pressure can do damages while sometimes low pressure wont do the job right. But it always best practice to start with a low pressure then go up if required.

04 Heat or Temperature

Temperature is a big part of tile cleaning. It can lift the dirt without damaging the surface. Having able to go to higher temperatures can do the job with low pressure mean less damage to grout lines. Unfortunately household hot water is not warm enough to a good tile cleaning job but many steam cleaning companies nowadays just rely on customers hot water. See-Through Property Services make their own hot water by using state of the art steam machines. We never run out of hot water onsite.

05 Suction Power

It’s very important to have higher vacuum power when practicing tile & grout cleaning. Because run out water can do damages on surrounding area. Specially if your room has absorbent timber skirt boardings damage can be devastated.. We have invested a greater amount on our vacuum machines. You won’t see water run out during the process. Because everything happens inside our special tile cleaning tool. Water will suck back to the machine with our close loop tile cleaning system.

Tile cleaning demonstration videos


We also do outdoor tile cleaning & sealing

terracotta tile cleaning is one of tile cleaning services See-Through provide

Outdoor terracotta tile floor before tile cleaning

Outdoor terracotta tile floor after tile cleaning




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