Dirty grbage chute entrance

Clean grbage chute entranceGarbage Chute Deep Steam Cleaning Melbourne – Sydney – Adelaide

The smell from rubbish chutes can be overwhelming. Did you know that many cleaning companies operating simply pour chemicals down the chute, and that they only pressure clean the parts that are visible from the disposal entries? This means that the 3 meters or so between each chute entry is only superficially cleaned at best. Sure, the smell from the chute can be disguised by cleaning detergents, but this usually only lasts a week and the smell returns.

So, we, at See-Through Property Services, developed an innovative attachment to our pressure cleaning system. This allows us to start from the top level of the chute and work our way gradually down, cleaning every inch and removing years of build-up. No more smell! Our clients tell us that any bad smells vanished immediately and that their chutes remained smell-free for a much longer period of time. Contact us for a free quote today

Please go to 1:13th second for garbage chute cleaning part of this video.

Australia's first custom built garbage chute deep steam cleaning machine.

We use dedicated steam extraction machines for garbage chute cleaning.

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