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Residential Carpet Cleaning

It's important that all your carpets are steam cleaned in a regular basis. There's nothing quite like the soft, fresh feel of a newly cleaned carpet.
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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Image is important in all aspects of your business. Improve yours by enlisting our professional carpet cleaning services!
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Carpet Steam Cleaning


We are proud of our thriving business success and pride ourselves on being the best carpet cleaning company in Melbourne. We have expert knowledge on Carpet Steam Cleaning and use high performance steam cleaning machines to clean your carpets.


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Our new equipment will refresh the fibres of rugs and carpets, removing household stains and giving carpets a stunningly new look. We use steam mops which are also great for clearing tiles and hardwood floors, giving you a streak-free finish.

When you confirm a cleaning service with SEE THROUGH Ltd. we come out to your door with updated range of industry-leading carpet steamers to suit your requirements and work towards achieving an environmentally friendly service.

Benefits of using Carpet Steam Cleaning Service

  • Our cleaning systems get to the bottom of your carpet and clean all the way to the top, so you get the cleanest carpets possible.
  • Re-piled – The whole carpet is steam cleaned from top to bottom removing any soil or debris lying in your carpet and now has that fresh pile back to life.
  • The high watt strong vacuuming will extract the dirt and stains and will leave your carpet dry and ready within 1 hour of undertaking the clearing session.
  • Having a healthy living environment – All the substances, including allergy inducers, pollutants and 99% of all dust which would make us ill will be taken off from your carpeted floors and will stay clean for more months.


“We endeavour to provide complete home and office-care solutions that give our clients peace-of-mind”