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Why Hire a Professional Office Cleaning Service?


Isn’t it everyone’s dream to walk in to a dirt free office environment of shine?


Why would any company need to handle more burdens and hassles than usual? It’s time you realize the importance of hiring a professional office cleaning service. Hiring professional cleaners wouldn’t let you worry about the expiry date of the chemicals being used and their effect on employee health. A recent physiologically proven fact is that a cleaner office paves the way to improved physical health and happy working of employees of a company where the risk of facing understaffed days and questionable work overloads are minimized in great figures.


Shifting from traditional janitorial system to a modernized office cleaning system would not just help you enjoy a clean office but save you from unnecessary costs incurred with cleaning supervision and janitorial staff, inspecting the final outcome and ordering supplies.


With best cleaning resources, cleaning services could offer you to work after hours which makes it a convenient deal for the company as employees would not be interrupted at work which leads to increased productivity at work.

How productivity is influenced!


Employee morale hardly climbs the ladder for many reasons. Exposing them to a dirt free and a smooth working environment counts as major in increasing their morale. The researches have proven a positive link between a cleaner office and employee satisfaction. Lesser issues are aroused with a clean environment as workers do not have any distractions, low absenteeism percentage and less issues which ultimately leads to employee motivation and increased output in productivity.

Value for money


How would one feel to walk in to a work environment with dirt and stink from yesterday? Or how amazing and fresh would one feel to work in a total dirt free environment which leads to a satisfied work climate for all workers? Don’t your company deserve to be the cleanest above all?


A company possessing a healthy staff with less absenteeism, high productivity due to contented and motivated work force and cleaner office that attracts any customer which uplifts your company image is the best investment for any company.


Let your company be honored and respected by hiring a professional cleaning service that gives the cleanliest aroma throughout.


Feel independent as you relax and let us deliver you a shine!

Hiring us


Over the years, the growth of our company was determined by the trust laid upon us by our valuable customers. “See-Through Cleaning” has paved the way for our clients to a cleaner office throughout. Our formidable reputation expresses nothing but our ultimate quality of action. Our advanced approaches of cleaning techniques utilize upgraded equipment, tools and cleaning supplies on all contracts.


Our team of cleaning professionals have undergone professional cleaning training of complied standards, quality, responsibility and attaining ultimate satisfaction of our clients. It’s in our responsibility and we ensure that no assets of the company are harmed during our process of cleaning. The flexible team of “See-Through Cleaning”, let all its clients indulge in 100% dirt free working environments that leaves nothing but a wide smile on our customers face.


Our clients have experienced a win-win situation with reasonable costs of cleaning by selecting us as their professional cleaners.

“See-Through” in action


Our passionate staff with total commitment offers you a day to day professional cleaning experience. With the daily hustles and bustles your company faces, it requires extra care and supervision in cleaning regards. Keeping your company away from the germs and bacteria is a vital responsibility. Thus our cleaning services have now expanded our services and include an array of cleaning services as,


    • Dusting
    • Wiping
    • Vacuuming
    • Mopping as major cleaning and
    • Ensures regular anti-bacterial and germ killing in areas of
      • Desks and chairs
      • Computers
      • Stationery on desks
      • Countertops
      • Walls
      • Windows/ window stills and doors
      • Blinds and Curtains
      • Sinks
    • Stain removal
    • Trash removal
    • Any other cleaning services required on request


Our range of specialized cleaning services on request include,


  • Hard floor care
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Restroom sanitization
  • Pressure washing
  • Car park cleaning
  • Any other cleaning on request


Above types are not required regularly and advised to be implied occasionally as intense cleanings are vital especially for corporate world.

Why See-Through Cleaning?


Having experienced growth within a short span of business cycle, we have been keen in supporting all our customers cleaning issues in a unique manner. We have a referral customer base who admire us from day 1. Thus, we would like to share our expertise with you by offering you with satisfying cleaning options throughout.


  • Flexibility- our team of cleaners are flexible in every possible way. Whether you require our services day or night, regularly or weekly, it all will be just a word away.
  • We use all modernized and upgraded tools and equipments for our cleaning process.
  • We take full responsibility of any issues relating to cleaning and harm caused to any asset during cleaning.
  • Our cleaning experts re check and double check their work before leaving premises. Thus, ensuring a 100% dirt free premises.
  • 24 hours cleaning emergency assistance


Hire us as your long term cleaning partners and see a genuine difference in your premises. Make your choice right and let us work our cleaning magic on your company!

“We endeavour to provide complete home and office-care solutions that give our clients peace-of-mind”