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The ins and outs of Office Cleaning


Let your precious time be devoted to work entirely!


Walking in to a dirt free, shiny and a fragrant work environment is every employee’s dream. Making that dream a reality is challenging yet, one of the best strategies for a successful business and a contented staff. Secondly, the first impression for your clients, buyers or anyone who visits the company adds upon majorly to the image of the company.


Did you know that an office desk contains bacterial and viral germs 400 times than a bathroom toilet? Well who’d know that?! Ultimately the germs, dust and other types of bacteria will lead to negative results in unpredicted ways and times. Reducing absenteeism caused due to sickness at work which leads to a massive reduction in performance and productivity of the company and employee morale as well as employer’s targets can be treated with a perfect cleaning service.


Hiring traditional janitorial services have paved the way to disappointment to most companies from every direction. Not anymore would you need to worry about cleaning, their supervision or the standards of the supplies or work for there’s the presence of professional office cleaning services which has overcome the drawbacks of many janitorial services with best results over the past few decades.


The need for professionals


With the increased need for cleaning in almost every company, professional cleaning services came in to existence. Being aware of the standards and the quality of cleaning professionals prior to making a decision is important. A perfect professional cleaning service possess the perfect cleaning team with responsibility and flexibility.


Hiring a professional cleaning service would be idealistic depending on the nature of your business. Cleaning professionals, on being assigned their task would undertake every possible cleaning act with modern cleaning devices which would take away every bit of dust lying in every corner. There’s no chance for germ and dust to roam about anymore. Professionals know best with the updated techniques worldwide.


It is in your hands to make your company the cleanliest of all. Maintaining the unique identity of your company is your responsibility. Let your company shine while your sit back and relax.


Reach high levels of satisfaction hiring a professional cleaner for nothing is worth the try.


Who are we?


As a competing commercial cleaning service, “See through” cleaning has maintained a lasting reputation over the years. We proudly present ourselves as a top cleaning professional who undertake to serve all kinds of business ranging from varieties of multinational and local businesses, hospitals, schools, and textileindustries to small groceries that require a specialized cleaning service. Our client base is mostly repetitive which reminds us of our consistency and reliability. We take our every assignment serious yet enjoy performing it which has great end results. Our team of cleaners are trained and professionals who are friendly and outgoing. “See through” cleaning service utilizes nothing but the best of everything; their supplies and modern tools and devices used for cleaning purposes.


Our unique cleaning plan agreed by both parties can include any shift of the day; Day or night depending on the nature of your business or preference. It will be our responsibility to ensure uninterrupted services during work hours and holds responsibility to all goods within the work premises.


With experiences over the past years, “See through” cleaning service has excelled in providing their clients with nothing but the best and quality services. Our services range from regular to weekly or occasionally on your preference and demand. Our range of services include,


Basic cleaning services

  • Wiping
  • Dusting
  • Mopping
  • Vacuuming


Regular cleaning services

  • Germ and bacterial removal of
    • Desks, chairs and stationery
    • Windows, window stills, blinds and doors
    • Counter tops
    • Sinks
  • Bathroom sanitization
  • Trash removal
  • Lunch room cleaning
  • Any other cleaning service on request


Occasional cleaning services

  • Hard floor care
  • Carpet care with pressure washing
  • Car park cleaning and care
  • Ceiling, fan and air-condition care
  • Any other urgent cleaning on request


The wealth is an act of healthiness, thus, it is your opportunity and responsibility to care for a cleaner work space with a set of healthy employees and a good morale. Make life easier and healthier and carry out your operations smoothly by hiring us.


We assure you that our hard work speaks volumes and support your company in maintaining a healthy environment for you and your staff. Let us together plan the perfect cleaning plan that works magic daily.

“We endeavour to provide complete home and office-care solutions that give our clients peace-of-mind”