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We are proud of our residential pressure cleaning. We offer a number of options that will bring your home back to brand new.  The list includes revitalising driveways, exterior walls, roof tiles, pavings, windows, carpets and more! Let us clean your home inside and out!
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Refresh your commercial venue with our professional high pressure cleaning services. We offer facade cleaning, car park cleaning, concrete cleaning, roof cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and bluestone cleaning,  just to name few!  Please visit our YouTube channel to see some of the great jobs we have done
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SEE-THROUGH pressure cleaning & deep cleaning service – Melbourne

Whether it’s a buildup of dirt on your exterior walls or mould on your driveways, pressure cleaning is a fast and effective way to bring back  that brand new look to your property. Once clean, choosing to have a sealer applied will extend the life of your property and keep it looking great for years to come.

Our specialists know how to get the best result by controlling the pressure, heat & PH balance to get the best out of any surface.  If you’re looking for a revamp the interior or exterior of your property, then look no further, See-Through Property Services is your enhancement expert in Melbourne.




Benefits of High Pressure Cleaning

  • The ability to remove material without damaging the surrounding area.

  • The water used can be recycled by using a closed-loop system so the waste water is clean enough to filter, and can then be disposed down a drain or waste outlet.

  • High pressure cleaning can reduce, and sometimes eliminate the need for chemicals  due to the high temperatures used.

If you are looking to put your property on the market a good high pressure clean is a fantastic idea. Not only does pressure cleaning accomplish a cleaner and more welcoming look, but it can also help to increase the final sale price!


Some of our residential pressure cleaning photos

Concrete floor area before pressure cleaned 350x450pxConcrete floor area after pressure cleaned 350x450px


House washing is one of

the main residential pressure cleaning

services we do. These are before

and after photos of a concrete side paving

of a house in Blackburn North,



Timber deck before rejuvenationTimber deck after rejuvenationWe can give a new life for all

your t surface areas.Timber Decks, fences,

outdoor furniture, external walls and roofs.




Terracotta tile roof before pressure cleaneingTerracotta tile roof after pressure cleaneing

“We endeavour to provide complete home and office-care solutions that give our clients peace-of-mind”